3 Common Root Canal Myths

Many people experience worry and fear before getting a root canal. The reputation of root canals as a painful, drawn-out process that is difficult to bear has been circulated for years. In order to calm your worries, this blog will explain some of the widespread myths concerning root canals. Continue reading to learn more from Martinez Dental Solutions.

3 Common Root Canal Myths

1. It Really Hurts

The main worry people have about getting a root canal is the amount of pain associated with it, according to almost two-thirds of Americans. However, thanks to contemporary methods for local anesthetic (such as Novocaine), root canals are often painless procedures, comparable to how a dental filling feels. Additionally, endodontists are skilled at treating tooth pain and typically have quick solutions for severe pain.

2. It is Better to Pull the Tooth

Simply pulling out an infected tooth without replacing it with an implant is not recommended since your remaining teeth may shift and your bite may be impacted. The ideal course of action is almost always to keep your original tooth. The majority of people who receive root canal therapy will benefit from lifetime durability. While highly successful, extracting your natural tooth and replacing it with an implant often involves more time, treatment, money, and other operations.

3. It Can Make You Sick

There is a lot of false information circulating on the internet that claims a root canal might make you sick or make being sick easier in the future. The American Association of Endodontists asserts that this assumption is based on a 100-year-old, shoddy-designed research study that has been thoroughly refuted. There is no scientific proof connecting root canal therapy to the onset of disease in other body regions.

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