Dental Cleanings & Prevention

Similar to the rest of your body, the effort you put into maintaining your oral health and preventing dental issues from arising will promote overall health and confidence. In fact, in 2000, the U.S. Surgeon General’s office released a report declaring America’s high prevalence of periodontal disease a "silent epidemic." Don’t become another statistic. Contact Martinez Dental Solutions today to request an appointment.

Benefits of Routine Dental Cleanings

Many dental complications arise from improper care, such as prolonging your routine teeth cleaning procedures for an inordinate amount of time. You wouldn't go years without an oil change. Why would you go years without a dental exam? The benefits of routine dental exams far outweigh their uncomfortable nature.

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The dental hygienist is very sweet and knowledgeable. I just love the atmosphere and the Doctor there too. I have had quite a bit of work done and they have made it seamless and comfortable (as it can be anyway).

Plaserae J.
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The Importance of Oral Health Maintenance

Contact Martinez Dental Solutions to request an appointment for a dental cleaning today. When you call, be sure to ask about our discount for uninsured patients. We proudly serve the Jacksonville area including Ponte Vedra Beach, Riverside, San Marco, Fleming Island, St. Augustine, and Middleburg with our cosmetic dentistry and dental restoration services.

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